Digital Decluttering – You’ve Got No Mail

Digital Decluttering - Is My Crazy Showing?

This year is all about going glutton free – in my house, in my diet, in my schedule, in my spending, and even electronically.

I started tackling my email inbox a couple of month ago.  I was up to about 30-50 subscription emails per day.  I usually deleted half of these before opening them and then didn’t know what to do with the rest so I kept them “just in case.”  I first tried but I honestly don’t know how well this worked since I ended up unsubscribing manually to every email that I received.  It took a good 2 months to clear out all of my subscriptions (and I still get a random one here and there).  I am definitely spending less money because I don’t know what deals are out there.  Most coupons can be found on store apps (such as Joann’s and Michael’s) or on coupon apps (like Coupon Sherpa).  I still follow My Frugal Adventures on Facebook, so I am not completely out of the loop.

I then deleted all of my inbox and sent box (there were THOUSANDS in there).  I sorted the last few months into folder if it was worth keeping then deleted the rest.  I am not gonna lie – it was not easy!!!  I totally panicked at first because I was worried I may have deleted something important.  Honestly, I have searched for maybe 2 emails and couldn’t find them but it has not been the end of the world.

A major side effect is that I now have no mail!  Most people text me when they need to get a hold of me, so I really don’t get too many emails, which makes this whole thing very easy to maintain!

Isn’t it funny how we build up things to be such a big deal when they totally are not?  Just like all of my other glutton free initiatives, I am asking myself WHY didn’t I do this sooner???

Here is why I am going Glutton Free.

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