Disney Countdown Wreath

Disney Countdown Wreath

I love the idea of some sort of count down to a Disneyland trip.  We learned the hard way that you can’t tell a kid too early that you are going to Disneyland.  We told my kids when they were 4 and 6 about a month in advance and my 4 year old packed her bags and stood at the door every single morning and asked if we were leaving yet.  I ended up having to research Disney Countdown ideas (I went with a cute paper chain one).  We are very excited to be going again so I turned my seasonal wreath into a Disneyland Countdown Wreath!  Here is the Spring version (details here):

A Seasonal Wreath - Spring

The Target Dollar Spot has a pretty steady stock of burlap banners these days, one for every season.  I found this new plain one this week for $3.  Perfect for my year round wreath!  They also have the bare wreath in mint and white.

Disneyland Countdown Wreath


Such a fun way to count down to the big event!  How soon do you share with your kids that you are going on a Disney trip?


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