EASY DIY Big Hero 6 Baymax Totes

Easy Big Hero 6 Baymax Totes - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

This year I was going to throw a combined Big Hero 6 birthday party for my girls.  I made the Pinterest board and everything!  But then we decided to go to Disneyland instead of doing a combined party and all my crazy fabulous fun research and ideas went down the drain.  My youngest daughter kept referring to the Disneyland trip as their combined birthday party, so we arranged to have a special birthday dinner at Carnation Cafe on Main Street one of the nights (as in we made reservations and told them it was for a birthday).  I made little Baymax themed totes and filled them with a few Big Hero 6 items (the few I could find – couldn’t find anything even at Disneyland!).

If I can do it, then you can do it!  AND this one doesn’t even cost a million dollars to make!!!

What you need:

  • blank canvas tote
  • fabric markers
  • a quarter
  • a ruler

What to do:

  • Trace 2 circles with the quarter and add a line in between with a ruler.

That’s it.  E. Z. WHAT.  I added names on the bottom of the bag but it looked pretty cute without it too (I copied a font I found on Pinterest but you could use stencils too).

Here is what I filled the bags with:

  • Honey Lemon & Go-go t-shirt (found at Disney Store a month or so ago)
  • Big Hero 6 Activity book (Dollar Spot at Target – they also had Inside Out ones already so I gave those to the girls for the drive down to Anaheim)
  • Big Hero 6 reusable bottle (found on clearance at Disney Store!)

Big Hero 6 gifts in Baymax tote - www.ismycrazyshowing.com


That’s it!  Super fun totes and super easy to make!

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