Easy, Last Minute Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets do not need to be complicated or extravagant.  A basic basket can be completed in one trip to Target.  You definitely should have an idea of how much you want to spend before you go to the store.  Whether you want to spend $10 or $100 per basket, there are some basic items that together will make the perfect Easter Basket.  Here are some ideas to get you through the store quickly with quick basket assembly.

Easy, Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

My basic formula for the perfect Easter Basket starts with 5 simple categories:

  1. Something to EAT.
  2. Something to READ.
  3. Something to PLAY WITH.
  4. Something to USE.
  5. Something DECORATIVE.

The first category is Something to Eat.  This can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want.  Ideally, the food would fit into plastic eggs.  Ideas: fresh fruits, freeze dried fruits, yogurt raisins, fruit snacks, crackers, cereal, and candy.

Easter Baskets - Something to EAT

The second category is Something to Read.  I like to put some sort of book in the basket, whether it is a board book, comic book, picture book, or a chapter book.  Mad Libs are great too.

Easter Basket - Something to Read

The third category is Something to Play With.  Obviously, there are a million toys to choose from and they will vary by age.  Some ideas are sports equipment, outdoor toys, Legos, figurines, and games.  Small items can fit into plastic eggs as well.

Easter Basket - Something to Play With

The fourth category is Something to Use.  This can be any useful item that is actually needed – shoes, clothes, beach towels, and make-up are some basic ideas.

Easter Basket - Something to Use

And the last category is Something Decorative.  This can be any Easter related item.  Ideas: bunny stuffed animal, decorative eggs, cross, chicks, and flowers.

Easter Basket - Something Decorative

I personally love to stick with a theme.  This year my girls are really into Disney Tsum Tsums, so I have a variety of plush and vinyl Tsum Tsum collectibles along with some Tsum Tsum t-shirts that I found.  Shopkins, Legos, Thomas the Train, American Girl Doll, and Star Wars are more themes that are very easy to find.  Think of something your kid just loves (sports, character, movie, game, dolls) and find what you can within that theme and within your budget.

Easter Basket Themes

Easter Baskets do not have to be fancy or expensive.  They can contain 5 items or 50 items – you have total control over it.  The important thing is to have fun, spend what you can afford, and think about what your child is interested in and would like.

Do you have a basic formula for your Easter Baskets?  What are your go-to items?

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