Gettin’ Sh*t Done!

Gettin' Shit Done - Is My Crazy Showing?

I was home all day today with my sick daughter (she was totally fine today but had been sick yesterday so we had to wait the 24 hours just in case).  This is a very rare occurrence since I work a full-time job on part-time hours, am a full-time Stay-at-Home mom on part-time hours, AND I am an overscheduler.  By the time I get home, I am usually too tired to do anything (as in cook and clean) other than veg on the couch, watch TV, and play on Pinterest (all at the same time, of course).  I decided to tackle my kitchen since all the clutter that I had cleared had somehow returned.  I should mention that I have a teeny tiny kitchen with very little space!

I started with my kitchen table.  I cleared everything off of it, wiped it down, and threw on my Spring tablecloth.  I then moved EVERYTHING that was on one side of the kitchen to the table, because I knew I wanted to make use of these mason jar fabulous finds at Home Goods during my Oops, I Did it Again incident.

I heart home goods - Is My Crazy Showing?

I cleared some space in my teeny tiny upper cabinets so that I could hide the ugly toaster.  I then realized that I had not lined 2 of the drawers so I quickly lined them and reorganized what went in there.  It is amazing what fits inside teeny tiny drawers that are apparently endless like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

Old towels galore - Is My Crazy Showing?

I purged all of the old kitchen towels and oven mitts, threw away all of the crumpled paper napkins and put the paper plates and plastic utensils in the party box in the garage.  One drawer now holds the oven mitts and the other one holds cooking utensils (the less used ones but necessary to keep).

I then took out everything from the 2 lower cabinets that appear to be so very, very small but GOOD LORD look at all the crap that fit in there!!!  While it may look like we are a family of 27, there are actually only 4 of us in this house….

What is all this stuff? - Is My Crazy Showing?

I managed to get rid of about 75% of this stuff and then reorganized what went back in the cabinets.  All storage containers are in one place now.  The kids’ cups, dishes, and bowls are all together as well.  This cleared out one and a half drawers on the other side of the kitchen so I was able to store my kitchen towels in one and all measuring cups and spoons and my food scale in the other.

magic cabinets - is my crazy showing?

Here is the before – you will see chargers, baskets, photos all over the fridge, along with some of my purge piles (suitcase is being donated and just sold my purse online):

Kitchen 1 Before - Is My Crazy Showing?

And here is the after!

Kitchen 1 After - Is My Crazy Showing?

The refrigerator was tough to de-clutter so I moved some things to my bulletin board (below), lists and important papers are on the other side of the fridge, and my Marks & Spencer tin holds a few of my favorite photos.  I took out my Ireland kitchen towels for St. Patrick’s Day, but usually the kitchen is red and white with a hint of teal.

I then tackled the other side of the kitchen.  As you can see, this counter is a real clutter collector!

Kitchen 2 Before - Is My Crazy Showing?

I removed everything from the counter and started over.  This left my alcohol and coffee syrups homeless so I found some space for them in the little pantry.  It is a little too bare now, so I plan on getting some cute crates or trays for behind the sink with the money I made with selling the 2 Longaberger baskets and 2 purses online.

Kitchen 2 After - Is My Crazy Showing?

I am so excited about my organized kitchen!  It is much brighter now too.



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