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Well, it should surprise NO ONE that not only did I NOT get my sh*t together in 2016, I actually added more sh*t then completely lost track of it all and am essentially starting over.  Again.  Sooooo, here we go again, for the 8th time now….  Get Your Sh*t Together Debbie!!!

The first indicator here that I lost my sh*t instead of getting it together, is probably the fact that it is mid-February and I am JUST NOW getting to my first blog post of 2017.  Not to mention that I only posted EIGHT TIMES in 2016.  WHAT?!?!?!  Wait, so why am I doing this?  Well, we all know that I am not a Doer.  Or a Finisher.  It’s amazing that I even Started any of this, so, I am going to take it still as a win….

2016 Review

GYSTDEBBIE - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

Goal #1: GYST in 2016

Nope.  Didn’t happen.  I didn’t get my sh*t together.  I made ZERO progress in KonMari-ing my house and am still stuck in the middle of Paper.  I definitely lost about 100 pounds throughout the year, but I also gained about 100 pounds so I am totally back to where I started.  I not only did not stop splurge spending on things like Starbucks, I increased my visits from weekly to daily AND increased my drink order from Grande to Venti.  So, if my goal was to Make My Sh*t Worse, than I totally succeeded.

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Goal #2: Find Myself in Blogging

Oops.  Did you hear that I only blogged 8 times in 2016?  Compared to 45 posts in 2015.  And it is my 2 year blog anniversary this week!  I am still a little lost in my blogging.  I feel like I haven’t found my niche yet.  Am I a craft blog?  A party blog?  A baking blog?  A home/decor/organizing blog?  A Disney blog?  Is it a journal blog?  Who knows!  Well, I do know that I am a Pinterest-based blog, based on my many many pins and interests.  So I guess that is a start!

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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Finish What I Started: Wait, what was I suppose to finish?  Did I even start?
  2. Stop Complaining: I think I actually made some progress here!  I at least made an effort!  Well, unless you consider this post complaining since I didn’t accomplish any of my goals or resolutions, sooooooo….  Back to square one!

2016 Accomplishments

Well, despite my lack of blogging and pinning, I somehow still gained views and am close to 16,000 total views on the blog.  I increased my number of Facebook page followers as well as Pinterest followers.  Oh, and I met one of my favorite bloggers, Jillian Leslie, over at Catch My Party!

DebbieGottaBlog met http://catchmyparty.com/

2017 Goals and Resolutions

While I will continue my never-ending quest to get my sh*t together, 2017 will also be the Year of Taking Responsibility.  I am responsible for my actions, my decisions, my life and circumstances.

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Goal #1: GYST 2017 (same old, same old)

Goal #2: Blog More

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Take Better Care of Myself: Physically.  Emotionally.  All Around.
  2. Take Responsibility for My Life: Own it.

GYSTDEBBIE2017 - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

If I break it all down, I need to eat less, exercise more, sleep more, buy less, put things away, finish what I start, enjoy life, appreciate what I have, acknowledge that I create my own world, accept the world I have created, and move on.  Okay, easy to say, easy to type, super hard to do.  So, here we go!

How was your 2016?  What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  Here’s to an awesome 2017!!! 

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