How to Make a Fake Cake – Starting a Fakery

Peaches & Cream Bridal Theme

Can you believe this is fake?  And apparently, fake cakes are not uncommon.  I made this cake for a bridal fair display.  You can find a fake cake on Amazon, here is the one we ordered.  This one is made out of thick foam.  I just decorated the top 2 tiers, but you can see they have plenty of options to choose from (you just have to make sure you order one with separate layers so you are not stuck decorating the entire thing).  Someone already blogged about this, of course, so I learned from Erica OBrien at Cake Design here that I should use Crisco to adhere the fondant to the foam and make it look smooth.  I covered the cake with fondant (I find that store bought fondant can be easier to work with than home-made, this is just Wilton’s fondant purchased at Michaels with a coupon).  The bridal theme was Peaches ‘N Cream so the cake was to be cream, gold, and/or peach.  I wanted to keep it simple so they could decorate with flowers and re-use the cake for future fairs so I decided to do one layer gold and one layer white/cream, accented with ribbon.  Wilton sells a pretty scary looking edible spray paint, “Gold Color Mist“, that was fairly easy to work with (not sure that I would ever eat it or serve it – the ingredient list was pretty scary).  It took 1 entire can to spray one 8 inch layer.  But I was impressed with how even it sprayed.

Wilton Gold Color Mist for Fake Cake

Enchantment Floral added gorgeous flowers to the cake and voila!  You’ve got yourself a gorgeous fake cake!  Total cost was about $35.  As usual, professional photography is like adding magic fairy dust to anything!

Debbie's Fake Cake - photo by Angie Capri Photography

Debbie's Fake Cake - photo by Angie Capri Photography


Concept and Design by event coordinator Kelly Elissa Events and florist Enchantment Floral.  Contributing vendors included Pleasanton Rentals, Hunt and Gather Rentals, and Harlow’s House. Photos by Angie Capri Photography.  For more photos of the event, see previous post here.

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