How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

How to Make a Rainbow Cake

I have made several rainbow cakes and they are so much fun!  It takes a little extra time to dye your batter and bake each layer separately, but it is really quite simple.

1. Separate your batter equally into 5 or 6 separate bowls.  Tip: I use boxed cake mix for kids parties and large cakes and get just as many compliments as my scratch cakes.  It is much easier and predictable when you are making a lot of cake and most people cannot tell the difference.  

2. Dye each bowl of batter a separate color.  Tip: I use AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste.  Purple is tough – if you don’t use enough dye, then the cake will look gray which is quite unappetizing.

Rainbow Cake - Colored Batter

3. Bake each color of batter separately in a 6 inch or 8 inch cake pan.  Tip: Keep an eye on it as it will bake faster since each layer will be very thin.

Rainbow Cake - Cakes

4. Once cooled, stack each cake with frosting in between each layer.

Rainbow Cake - stacked layers


5. Frost cake with enough layers that you cannot see the cake color.

Rainbow Cake

6. Slice dramatically!

Rainbow Cake - sliced

You can make a tie dye looking cake by combining different colored batters into one.  Tip: Bake the combined batters immediately so the colors do not mix too much.

Rainbow Cake - tie dye cupcakes


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