Oops, I Did it Again

Soooooo remember last night when I posted all that stuff about getting my shit together and going Glutton Free and all?  Yeah, so I TOTALLY blew that today….

Oops I Did it Again

It all started because I made my fabulous home-made Frozen Almond Rocha Mocha AND THEN LEFT IT AT HOME!!!  THE INHUMANITY!!!  I was almost at work when I realized it so I had to make an emergency stop at Starbucks for a Grande Peppermint Mocha Frappucino Light.  I then went to work and decided I really needed a breakfast sandwich (after such a rough morning) from the cafe but MISSED BREAKFAST TIME by 2 minutes….  So, obviously there was nothing I could do to fix my day other than go to Home Goods where I was supposed to buy a birthday gift but accidentally bought all this for me instead….

Home Goods Finds

And then since I was still hungry (I did successfully eat my salad that I had brought from home for lunch since I didn’t have the breakfast sandwich), I had to stop at Yogurtland and THAT happened….

The New, Super Smart, Totally Has Her Shit Together Debbie knows that if she starts her day on the wrong foot (food wise), her entire day will collapse but Crazy Old Debbie says SHUT UP.

Well, this will be interesting trying to balance my super awesome Home Goods finds that I want to share along with my Glutton Free Journey in this blog….  Can’t wait to share what I do with these fabulous finds!

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