Rainbow Daisy Bridging Cake

Rainbow Daisy Bridging Cake - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

My youngest daughter bridged from a Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie this past weekend!  I made a fun rainbow Daisy cake with a rainbow stick bridge that led to a cake plate full of brownies.  The inside was rainbow as well.  Instead of stacking different colored cake layers like I did here, I combined them all to give it more of a tie-dye look.  (This is easier and faster than layering separate cakes with filling in between each layer.)  The girls were so excited and surprised when they saw the inside!

Rainbow Daisy Bridging Cake - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

Here is how I did it: I separated the batter into 5 bowls.  I dyed each bowl a rainbow color then layered them in the pan.  You need to do this part fairly quickly so the colors do not blend.  My cakes are usually very simply decorated and I add colorful candy to the base (rainbow Sixlets for this cake) and some sort of bunting or banner on the top.  (I also use store bought cake mix for kids’ cakes – I have found that most people cannot tell the difference and I focus more on the cake decorating than the cake itself.)

Rainbow Daisy Bridging Cake - www.ismycrazyshowing.com


Rainbow Daisy Bridging Cake - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

The event was beautiful with gorgeous balloons added to the bridge.  My older daughter also bridged the same day from a Brownie to Junior so her troop joined us at the bridge and we got to celebrate with both girls.  It was quite dramatic!

Girl Scout Bridging Event

Here is the rainbow unicorn roller skating cake I made a few weeks ago for my younger daughter’s birthday.  (I added pink Sixlets to the plate but didn’t get a picture with them.)

Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skating Cake

I dyed 5 pieces for fondant into rainbow colors, lined them up, then rolled them until they combined.

Rainbow Fondant - www.ismycrazyshowing.com

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