Sugar Rush Birthday Party – Wreck it Ralph Party for Girls

Sugar Rush Birthday Party - Is My Crazy Showing?

Well, we have covered most of my Crazies so far: Pinterest addiction, food, cakes, Home Goods, GYST, and my weight.  Today it is time to introduce you to my obsession with party planning!  I love, love, love planning parties!  I love researching ideas.  I love coming up with ideas.  I love EVERYTHING about it!  I have been known to start planning months in advance (sometimes 11.5 months in advance) AND have managed to accidentally throw an extra party here and there for my kids (my girls’ birthdays are 4 weeks apart so over the past few years they have had a mini party on their actual birthday with their school friends and then we have one combined party with our closest friends and family, resulting in me getting to plan 3 parties instead of 2…).  I have many parties to share, but I will start with one of my favorites, the girls’ Sugar Rush Party when they were turning 7 and 5.

Sugar Rush Candy Bar - Is My Crazy Showing?

The girls and I fell in love with Wreck it Ralph as soon as we  saw it.  They were HUGE fans of Vanellope von Schweetz and LOVED the sound track, especially the song, “Sugar Rush” by AKB48. We all agreed that a Sugar Rush themed party would be great fun.  I started researching right away, but soon discovered there was not a lot of merchandise out there of Wreck it Ralph, and even less of Vanellope.  The movie came out in November and the party was the following April, so there were very few existing parties for inspiration.  I started my Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) Party Pinterest Board and searched every idea out there related to candy and Wreck it Ralph.  I focused on 2 main activities – an obstacle course and making candy race cars.

I found personalized invitations on Etsy (this one from I Design, You Print is no longer available but there are still plenty to choose from on Etsy from other shops).

Sugar Rush Invitation

You cannot reserve the tables at the park by our house and someone was already set up there when we arrived. We went with plan B and brought our own tables and chairs and set up in the shade near the trees. It worked out perfectly since it was a warm day and the shade was nice and cool!  This also gave us plenty of room for the obstacle course.  I had 6 stations for the course:

1. King Candy’s Tires (jump through inflatable tires)

2. Swizzle Malarkey (crawl through tunnel and hop zig zag over rope)

3. Jelly Bean Toss (toss 5 bean bags into the hula hoops)

4. Jawbreakers (kick the soccer ball through the pool noodle)

5. Don’t Wake the Cybug! (carry a water balloon around cones without breaking it)

6. Medal of Duty (find a medal hidden in a bucket full of water balloons without waking up the cybugs/water balloons)  *If it was today, I think I would hide the medals in a bucket full of water beads.

[I apologize that I do not have photos of the course as this was in 2013, pre-blog, and my only photos of the course had children in it.]

After the obstacle course, the kids created candy race cars at the candy bar.  It was SOOOOOO fun looking for colorful, crazy candy!  I did this party on a budget, so most of the candies were from The Dollar Tree and Walmart.  I made sure there were plenty of options for the car base and wheels (Twinkies were perfect for the body of the car and Oreos as tires).  I already had the colorful tins from previous parties (I try to stick with similar color themes each year so I can re-purpose my party supplies) and borrowed most of the glass jars from a friend.  I lucked out and caught a few Wreck it Ralph toys as they were going on clearance at The Disney Store (they are impossible to find now) and used them to accent the table.  The tongs and scoops were found at the Dollar Spot at Target.

Candy Bar - Sugar Rush Party

Candy Bar - Sugar Rush Party

Candy Bar - Sugar Rush Party

Candy Bar - Sugar Rush Party

Candy Bar - Sugar Rush Party

This was a blast!  I handed out paper plates, plastic knives, and a scoop of store-bought, bright-colored, ready-made frosting to adhere the pieces together.  Some kids had a hard time making the race cars and kept eating their candy instead BUT most of them made awesome creations.  Here is my younger daughter’s completed candy race car.  YES, what a mess!  And NO, I did not let her eat it.

Candy Race Car - Sugar Rush Party

We served pizza and strawberries for lunch.  I made this crazy easy cake (as seen on Pinterest, of course!).  This is the easiest cake I think I have ever made and it was so fun to eat! Yellow cake with chocolate marshmallow buttercream, lined with Kit Kats and filled with M&Ms.

Candy Cake - Sugar Rush Party

The kids filled colorful boxes with the leftover candy for the party favors.  I printed all of the Sugar Rush characters and used a circle cutter for the tags.  I made the signs on Power Point with candy images off of Google Images.

Candy Favor Boxes - Sugar Rush Party

The kids went home with tooth brushes too to counter all of that sugar!!!

Tooth Brush Favors - Sugar Rush Party

For more Wreck it Ralph/Sugar Rush Party Ideas, see my Pinterest Board: Follow Is My Crazy Showing?’s board Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) Party on Pinterest.



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