The Life Changing Magic of Marie Kondo Part 4 (My Shoes!)

How I KonMari'd My Shoes

Well, if you were to ask me, I would tell you that I don’t consider myself a “shoe” girl.  They really aren’t my thing.  I like cute shoes and I have some favorites, but I am much more concerned with comfort than fancy heels.  I also have plantar fasciitis, so I have to be careful with what shoes I wear.  After sorting through all my clothes and accessories following the KonMari Method (The Life-Changing Magic of Marie Kondo Part 2),  I decided I should sort through my shoes before moving on to the next KonMari category, books.

Step 1: Gather ALL of your items from a specific category in one place.

KonMari Method: Shoes

In my head, I do not have a lot of shoes.  I don’t know, maybe 10 pairs?  Uh, Hi, KonMari Method, please meet ALL of my shoes piled to the sky in one place…  It turns out I have a TON of shoes!  Who knew!  (I certainly didn’t!)

Step 2: Handle each item and decide if it sparks joy.

KonMari Method: Shoes

As much as I don’t consider myself a shoe person and as much as I would like to think that I don’t NEED too many shoes, I did discover that a lot of my shoes spark joy!  This is actually my KEEP photo.  I am not convinced that I need 6 pairs of boots, but as I was sorting, I did conclude that they do spark joy.  I have since gone back and removed 4 additional pairs of shoes because I realized they do not spark joy after wearing (or avoiding) them.

KonMari Method (Shoes) - Rainboots in California spark joy!

Step 3: Discard what does not spark joy.

KonMari Method: Joyless shoes

Some shoes were so easy to get rid of – especially if they hurt my feet or if I realized that I never ever wear them.  For instance, I love these red shoes (because they are super fabulous, obviously) but they hurt my feet and they do not spark joy when I am wearing them.  I really don’t even remember what else was in the bag because I hardly ever wore those shoes.  Some were loved but too worn so I thanked them for sparking joy in me at one time and then let them go (as Marie Kondo suggests).  After sorting through my shoes, I was going to sort through my girls’ shoes but they just changed sizes so actually did not have anything to really sort through (but it did remind me that they need summer shoes!).

I already KonMari’d my girls’ clothes and accessories so it is on to the next KonMari Method category: BOOKS!

Have you tried the KonMari Method?  Have you read her book?  Has it changed your life?




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