The Life-Changing Magic of Marie Kondo Part 4b (My Totes!)

Well, this will be a short post because I KonMari’d my beloved totes and I pretty much kept all of them….  I am definitely a tote person – not a shoe or purse person, but I just love totes and I love fun crazy patterns.  I knew this was going to be hard for me!

Quick catch up if you are new here: I started my Glutton Free Journey as part of my annual Get Your Sh*t Together New Years Resolution back in January and had already made great progress when I learned about the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which introduces the KonMari Method.  I started reading it and was fascinated by what a different approach it was to everything else I had ever read about organizing and decluttering.  Marie Kondo suggests that you gather ALL items from a specific category in a very specific order and only keep items that spark joy when handled.  There are 5 categories: clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous, and sentimental items.  You have to do EVERYTHING in each category before you can move on to the next.  It is for sure LIFE-CHANGING and extremely freeing.  You can follow my KonMari Journey here:

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The Life-Changing Magic of Marie Kondo Part 4 (My Shoes!)

Before I moved on to BOOKS, I wanted to finish KonMari-ing my accessories – including jewelry, scarves, shoes, and totes/purses.  I gathered all of my totes in one place to see what I had.  (Yes, I am a bit of a Vera Bradley fan!)

The KonMari Method Applied to Totes and Purses

I then sorted them by type.

The KonMari Method Applied to Totes and Purses

As you can see, they are all pretty fabulous….

I then handled each one to see if they sparked joy.  I guess it should be no surprise that almost all of them still spark joy and were deemed keepers!  There were 2 that I was undecided on: the Priscilla Pink Vera Bradley Hipster and the Purple Punch Vera Bradley Gabby Purse:

The KonMari Method Applied to Totes and Purses

I used to use the Hipster in Disneyland back when we also had a stroller to hold bigger things but now I have a super fabulous Thirty-One Bag Backpack since we don’t bring a stroller anymore.  And I have never once used the Gabby purse but I just love the pattern.  This was a tough decision for me!  In the end, I gave the Hipster to a friend that I knew would LOVE it and kept the Gabby with the idea that I would use it for storage.

I did manage to discard a few pieces – well 5 if you are counting….  I love love loved my Fossil mint tote but I had used it for years so I thanked it for the joy it brought me and am giving it to a friend.  The green cable Lugg is a great travel bag, got me through Ireland, but it was very worn and I had already replaced it with a fun bright pink cable Lugg.  The coral crossbody served its purpose long ago and the 2 “dress up” purses no longer sparked joy.  The silver tapestry one was a last minute purchase on the way to a party because I didn’t have a nice purse.  The black one was a little harder to let go of because while I hadn’t used it in years, it was a vintage purse that I had bought in high school.  It was dangerously close to the “Sentimental Items” category (the last category in the KonMari Method), but after considering what would make it sentimental, the only thing I could think of was that it was a cool purchase long ago.  I ended up discarding it as well and felt good about it.

The KonMari Method Applied to Totes and Purses

Just like all of my other KonMari experiences so far, this process was quicker than I expected (took less than an hour – longest part was gathering everything from this category from all around the house) and extremely liberating.  It feels good to see what you have, appreciate what you have, and choose to only have things that make you happy.  I am excited to continue the process!  Next up, BOOKS!


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