Top 5 Reasons The KonMari Method Works

What is it? The KonMari Method is a different approach to decluttering and organizing.  It is somewhat minimalist because you only keep what brings you joy and you discard the rest.  There are 5 very specific categories that are supposed to be followed in a very specific order.  You gather ALL items from that specific category into one space.  You then hold each item and decide if the item brings you joy.  I am currently on the 3rd category of the KonMari Method – Paper.  All the other categories took me a few hours at the most.  Paper is taking MUCH longer because there seems to be so much of it! I am also redecorating and reorganizing our office/music/craft/playroom (multi-purpose room?) at the same time.

Why does it work?

1. It shows you what you already have.  Sorting by category makes you see what you have and reveals excess.  Chances are, you have no idea how much you have of one category because it is scattered in many different places.  The KonMari Method has you sort through every single item in a specific category (in a specific order) and makes you put everything you have all in one place.  I had much more clothes and books than I realized.

So many shoes! The KonMari Method -

2. It is fast.  Sorting by category is much faster than working location by location.  There are fewer distractions.  This helps keep you focused and makes it less overwhelming (which was surprising).  I haven’t spent more than 2 hours on a category until now (papers).

The KonMari Method's 2nd Category: Books

3. It makes you happy.  You no longer have to keep things out of obligation or hope that someday you will need it.  People like me are constantly thinking of all of the What Ifs and Have Tos.  What if I lose weight and want to wear it again?  What if I can use it for something else?  I have to keep it because it was very expensive.  I have to keep it because someone gave it to me.  The only question you ask yourself with the KonMari Method is “Does it bring me joy?”.  This was incredible freeing for me.  I love that my only personal belongings all bring me joy.  I am surrounded by my favorite things.
KonMari'd Jewelry Polaroid

4. It makes you respect your things.  You don’t just discard things that do not bring you joy, you hold each item and you talk to each item and you thank it for the joy or purpose it once had.  Personifying inanimate objects is effective.  For some reason, it feels respectful as you recognize an object’s purpose it has or had in your life.  It is then easier to let go and move on.  It makes you value the things you choose to keep.

KonMari Donation Pile -

5. It makes you appreciate what you have.  It is very easy to be wasteful when we are surrounded by dollar stores and discount stores where everything can be replaced for fairly cheap.  Thanking your belongings makes you appreciate what you have, literally.

KonMari Discard Pile -


Here is one of the unexpected side effects of the KonMari Method: empty boxes!  Have you tried the KonMari Method?  Is it working for you?

Empty Storage Boxes -


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