Back to School Party Ideas

Back to School Party Ideas -

Every year my sister and I throw a Back to School Party for our kids.  It started back in 2011 when my oldest daughter was starting Kindergarten.  It is now a family tradition that is fun for everyone!  Every year I try to think of something different.  While the theme is always “Back to School”, I try to play around with the colors and decor each year.  I find most of the supplies at The Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot.  There are a ton of free printables on Pinterest too.  Here are some ideas!


Ideas: print your own, chalkboard invites (white pencil on black paper), free printables on Pinterest

Back to School Party Ideas -

Ideas: school supplies, outdoor exploring supplies, teacher bulletin board supplies, chalkboards, clipboards

Back to School Party Ideas -


Ideas: pre-made sandwiches in brown bags, apples, milk, alphabet crackers, school snacks, cheese stick “pencils” (with Bugle chips & raisins for the pencil tip and bologna circles as the eraser)

Back to School Party Ideas -


Ideas: milk and/or brownies & cookies, chalk/chalkboard, & erasers (candy cigarettes, chocolate graham crackers and marshmallow squares), pencils & erasers (pretzel sticks and pink wafer cookies), Smarties, pre-printed Ready to Bake cookies

Back to School Party Ideas -

Candy Pencils

Supplies: roll of Rolos, chocolate kiss, tan paper, pink paper, silver twisty ties

Back to School Party -


Ideas: Mad Libs, story cubes, paper airplanes, science experiments, hiking/exploring, story time, geo-caching,

Back to School Party -


Ideas: school supplies, books, school snacks, water bottles, flashlights, compasses, educational games (Bananagrams)

Back to School Party -



Food school supplies

Free printables

Candy Pencils

String cheese pencils

My Back to School Parties:





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