DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Valentine Card -

Here is an easy way to make your own cards and Valentine’s Day cards!  If I can do this, you can too.  Programs used are all Microsoft Office.

Valentine’s Day Cards

My 9 year old wanted  *Tsum Tsum Valentine Cards this year, which, of course, don’t already exist, so we decided to make them.  This is how I make my own cards in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point.  The best thing about it is that you can use any theme.

Step 1: Choose your theme.  I either use a photo I took or I search Google images online.  I then save the image so it can be inserted into my card.

Step 2: Choose your format.  If I am making multiple images, I use Power Point (it is easier to move things around).  If I am making a card, I use Word.

Step 3: Insert your desired shape – I used a rectangle, expanded it to the size I wanted, chose “no fill” for the shape fill, changed the shape outline to my desired color and weight.

DIY Valentines -

Step 4. Insert your picture/image. Adjust size as necessary.

DIY Valentines -

Step 5: Insert your text boxes.  Adjust the font and size as necessary.  Move your boxes around to fit within the rectangle.

DIY Valentines -

Step 6: Repeat steps #3-5 until page is full.

DIY Valentines -

Step 7: Print out onto card stock.  Cut into 4 rectangles.  It is very easy, and completely personalized and customize-able.

Here is a sample of a final product.  We like to then add a candy or something small to the card with washi tape.

DIY Valentine Card -

*Update: This year I found “Colorful Critters: Neon Markers” in the Target Dollar Spot ($3 for 8 markers) for my younger daughter’s classmates.  She loved assembling them herself and picking out the colors.

DIY Valentine's Day Highlighter Cards -

DIY Valentine's Day Highlighter Cards -

Birthday Cards

I do the same for birthday cards so my card always matches the theme of the gift.  I can’t stand spending $3-6 on a card that will be thrown away AND I can never find the theme that matches my gift so I started making my own cards several years ago.  I buy a blank set of wedding invitations from Michaels (with my 40% coupon).  I make the card in Microsoft Word and just add an image and message.  I format my printer to the size of the invitation (follow the instructions on the invitation box).  They turn out cute and are personalized too.

Tsum Tsum birthday card -

*Tsum Tsum 101: In case you haven’t heard of them, Tsum Tsums are a stackable plush toy that comes in different characters and sizes.  The craze started in Japan and has made it’s way to the US via Disney.  You can find Disney Tsum Tsums at Disney Store and Target.  They came out with plastic Tsum Tsums in December 2015.  My girls and I are pretty obsessed with them!

Tsum Tsum Crazy -


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