Everything I Need to Know I Learned on Pinterest

Everything I Need to Know


WHAT in the world did I do with my life before Pinterest?  (Read?  Go outside?  Cook?  Clean?)  Well, THANK YOU, PINTEREST, for showing me the way!  Here is what I have learned since I discovered this wonderland around 3 years ago:

  1. You’re doing it wrong.  Seriously.  Why in the world would you do it that way when you clearly should be doing it THIS way? But don’t worry, They are here to save you!  Bloggers.  Know. Everything.  (Not this blogger, see Disclaimers here.) How do they know so much?  There is a way to do everything and only they know how.  Oh, and you totally do not have your shit together. You really don’t.  Look at all these people that totally have their shit together.
  2. You should totally make that yourself.  Tired of spending 59 cents on a Twix bar?  Don’t worry, here‘s the recipe.  Don’t want to waste 48 cents on bar soap?  You can make that too!
  3. Everyone is different.  There is no one else in the world like you.  You are so unique.  You are so creative.
  4. Everyone is exactly the same.  You see, while you are completely unique and individual, you are also exactly the same as nearly everyone on the internet.  It turns out there are a LOT of people just like me.  I have Pin Twins everywhere.  It turns out no one has their shit together (besides those know-it-all bloggers – whom I LOVE, of course).  So if you think you are awesome for coming up with a super genius creative idea, search for it on Pinterest and BAM.  Someone already did it.  You are not so special.
  5. Everything looks better with chevron, burlap, and mason jars.
  6. Life is a Meme.  Every feeling during every minute of every day can be expressed via a meme.
  7. You can make ANYTHING pumpkin flavored.
  8. Bacon makes everything better.  EVV.  REE.  THEEE. NG.  Don’t like vegetables?  Throw some bacon on it!
  9. People are really weird.  Ever search Pinterest’s main page?  Uh, WEIRD.  (Not you.  You are totally awesome.)
  10. No one knows you like Pinterest knows you.  They picked these pins JUST. FOR. YOU.


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