Going Glutton Free

(Not “Gluten” Free.  Gluten is one of my best friends.)

New Year's Resolution

I have had the same New Year’s Resolution for about 6 years now, Get Your Shit Together (GYST).  My personal “Crazy” is related to food, finance, and organization.  I realized that all my Crazy was related a few years back.   I make impulsive choices with very little reason.  I eat more than I should because I really like (junk) food and it tastes good.  I buy a lot because I like everything (and in my defense, everything likes me).   I have a lot of clutter because I like these things and don’t get rid of old things when I bring in the new things.  I have been going to Weight Watchers for several years now (second or third time around, but who is counting?) and noticed that when I am on a diet, I also spend less money.  And when I meal plan, then I eat better, and also spend less money.  So my sides of Crazy are really all parts of the same Crazy.

While researching for my GYST 2015 Pinterest Board, I came across this article by Skinny Mom, “13 New Year Resolution No-Nos“.  Skinny Mom told me that the reason why my annual GYST New Year’s Resolution failed year after year was because it was way too vague.  So I made a list of specific goals for 2015, wrote them down in my GYST Debbie 2015 Journal, and broke it down in to parts.  I then stumbled upon Becoming Minimalist’s article, “The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home“.  This was the first time I associated the word EXCESS with all of my challenges.  This really struck me so I decided to write a list of Excesses.

Lightbulb - Going Glutton Free - Is My Crazy Showing?

IT ALL MADE SENSE NOW.  I have poor health because I eat too much and I sit too much.  I am financially frivolous because I shop too much and spend too much.  And my house is messy because I own too much.  And my life is too busy because I schedule too much.  This felt like gluttony to me, so I decided I should go on a Glutton Free diet.

I took my list of Excesses and crossed it with my specific goals for 2015 and came up with a Master List of Change.  I reflect weekly on my accomplishments and plan the following week’s goals.  I journal within the week whether I am succeeding or struggling to stay on track.  And for the first time in 6 years, I am slowly but surely getting my shit together!  I am 7 weeks into the New Year and have made great progress!


So far I have decluttered and reorganized my kitchen cabinets, dining room hutch, TV cabinet, scrapbooking/craft armoire, the kids’ craft cabinet, the bathroom cabinets, my master bedroom closet, and my husband’s closet.  And because my house is looking so great, I have been adding special touches and decor to each room.  I expanded my wall gallery to the staircase.  This has been so fun!  Friends can stop by unexpectedly and I don’t have to freak out and throw everything into a box in the laundry room (I called those “OH SHIT boxes” that usually stayed that way for months and months after the visitors left).  I have donated 13 large garbage bags and thrown away a ton.


Okay, so I have really struggled in this area.  I  just can’t seem to stop eating!  Every night I talk myself through a plan for tomorrow but then tomorrow comes and I forget all about it.  The only accomplishment I think I have made so far in this area is that I have gone to my Weight Watchers every week.  This at least keeps me in check and reminds me of my big picture goal.


I have made 3 changes with my shopping and spending habits.

  1. I make my own coffee drink every morning.  I will admit that this was not by choice.  My favorite coffee shop closed on December 31st so I could no longer get my Frozen Almond Rocha Mochas anywhere.  They were nice enough to show me how to make it and sold me their magic mocha mix so I can make my own at home.  This is saving me easily $25 every week.
  2. I go to the store with a list and I stick to it!  I used to be a couponer which really taught me how to save money.  It also encouraged me to spend money on things I really didn’t need just because it was a really good deal.  It was very hard for me not to shop the toy clearance sections after Christmas.  But as I declutter my house, I come across all these little things, these extra things that no one actually really needs, and the majority of my donations are unnecessary excesses bought because they were a really good deal.
  3. I also decluttered my email!  I unsubscribed all of my junk mail.  I was getting about 35-40 emails with savings and deals full of Must-Haves.  I no longer see any of the deals so I no longer feel like I need to have the deal.  (The only thing I kept is I still follow My Frugal Adventures on Facebook.)


Having a Glutton Free life means less plans.  I have been known to have 4 activities planned for 1 day and when asked if I am free that day, provided them with the 2 hour window that we had no plans.  We still have a very busy schedule, but I have started saying NO to plans and am trying not to make more than one plan on a given day.

So while I certainly don’t totally have my shit together, I am definitely on my way as I start my journey to a Glutton Free life!

Going Glutton Free - Is My Crazy Showing?

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