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We celebrated the girls’ 4th and 6th birthdays with an It’s a Small World party.  We had an annual pass to Disneyland the year prior, which resulted in a true Disney addiction.  The girls asked if we were going to Disneyland almost daily.  Their absolute favorite ride was It’s a Small World, so I figured this would be a perfect theme for a party.  Plus, we went on this darn ride a minimum of 6 times per trip so I figured I know it REALLY, REALLY well.  There were not a lot of existing party ideas for Small World, so I focused on travel and featured the 7 continents for this party.  OF COURSE, Disney came out with an insanely cute It’s a Small World line of books, activities, dolls, and baby clothes a few years later but I digress….


I have been asked if I used a template for these invitations and if I would sell it on Etsy, but seriously, I just punched out a bunch of colorful shapes and played around with it until it worked.

It's a Small World Party Invitation


I made a CD mix of small world/travel themed songs — everything from music from the actual ride to Down Under by Men at Work.  (*My computer crashed the following year so I no longer have the song list but I will try to dig up the actual CD and see if I can copy the list here….)


There were 7 activities, crafts, or foods — one for each continent.

1. North America: Make an American Flag treat

2. South America: Color maracas

3. Europe: Madeline cookie

4. Asia: Make a lantern

5. Africa: Make a safari animal puppet

6. Australia: Kangaroo races (potato sack races)

7. Antarctica: Making snow with Insta-Snow

It's a Small World Party Crafts/Activities

Each kid got a passport and received a stamp for each completed activity. Instead of renting a $400 photo booth, I bought an instant camera and bought round the world props and made my own photo booth for their passport photos.

It's a Small World Party Passport/Photo Booth


I made mini meals for the kids in Chinese food to go boxes that included a fortune cookie, airplane shaped sandwiches, an apple, and travel themed fruit snacks.  I made blue jello in clear plastic cups with an orange slice and toothpick with a sail that said, “The happiest cruise that ever sailed the world!”.  The kids had juice and the adults had soda, water, and beers from around the world.

It's a Small World Party Food


It's a Small World Party Jello Boats


I made a simple square cake, covered it with fondant, then cut out small shapes to create the It’s a Small World building at Disneyland.  I also decorated flower sugar cookies inspired by the flowers in the ride.  The cupcakes were decorated with fondant and similar flower themes.  We also served popcorn with M&Ms because my youngest daughter doesn’t like cake!  (GASP!)

It's a Small World Party Dessert Table


The kids went home with each continent activity/craft/item and their passport in a “suitcase” favor box with a “luggage tag” bookmark (The It’s a Small World bookmarks were purchased on Etsy, but the shop has since closed).  Babies got a safari stuffed animals instead.

It's a Small World Party Favors

It's a Small World Party Favors and Dessert Table


I took a ton of photos of the It’s a Small World ride the last time we visited Disneyland (because I am crazy and already had a party in mind) so I printed 8×10 prints, matted them with colorful paper, and posted them throughout the party.

This was one of my favorite parties to plan!  I try to use the same color themes year after year so I can re-use my party supplies.  I have a collection of cake plates now for dessert tables.  Believe it or not, this was not an expensive party and I kept everything within a budget because I made so many things myself.  The only real splurge was the instant camera for the photo booth.  I have used the camera multiple times since, so I believe this was a good purchase!  Unpopular party themes are always a challenge but just so much fun to research and create!

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