My New 2015 Planner! In April…. GYST Debbie!

New Planner & GYST Note Pad -

Ok, I know its 4 months into the year and I JUST got a 2015 planner….  But LOOK at that hilarious GYST Note Pad by Knock Knock!!!  It seemed fitting that they were purchased in the same Amazon order….  Anyway, I went with this Bloom Daily Planner.  I realize that there are some pretty fancy DIY planners out there, as well as some pretty incredible already made ones – I pinned most of them while researching planners – but I just went with the pattern I liked the most.  At least I finally got one, right?!?!?!  No, I have not been wandering around aimlessly wondering what day it is for the last 4 months, but I have had a terrible time keeping my physical calendar at home in sync with my iPhone calendar.  I love writing lists and I am trying to get my sh*t together so a physical planner that I carry around with me seemed to be the way to go.  I like that there is a Goals and Notes section too.  I am coinciding this GYST initiative with an attempt at an actual routine (apparently organized people do that too), so I am also going to bed about a half hour earlier, writing down tomorrow’s priorities (like Don’t Forgets, To Dos, and meals) before bed, and getting up about 15 minutes earlier too.  Tonight I am starting the new “Put Away Things for 10 Minutes Before Bed” routine for ALL family members (because organized people do that too)….  We will see how that goes!!!

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